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Professional Tarot tooling for your online spiritual business

Deliver your client tarot readings online in real time, interactively.

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Introducing Zapooca – Not a reading generator

Post your own Tarot readings online. Finally.

Zapooca allows Tarot readers to post readings online - professionally. With public options, private options, deck options, sharing options, embedding options, and layering options, you can keep a library of your work online, promote your skills, gain clients, provide greater value, and increase demand.

Easily arrange your reading online for your client — Invite them to witness or send it to them after.

Zapooca is not yet online, but we are working tirelessly to change that. For now, try our demo and sign up on our mailing list for updates.

Enjoy These Features For Free, Forever:

  • 1-5 card spreads, Celtic Cross
  • Readings save for 30 days (if not deleted first)
  • Ability to add remarks and insights to the reading in text
  • 10 readings a month.
  • Convenient pick-a-card feature.
  • Privacy and discretion.
  • Attentive and interested support.

About the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

According to Wikipedia, the Rider Waite Tarot deck (Illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith) in its current form is more than 100 years old and itself was inspired by centuries, if not millenia, of mystical evolution and cultural tradition. In the US, it's license is public and it can be freely used in projects like Zapooca.

Want your deck featured? We want to hear from you. Contact Aquarian Web Studio to get started.